Business Summary

Crossword Cybersecurity Plc was founded in 2014. Crossword Cybersecurity is a technology commercialisation company focusing exclusively on the cyber security sector. We work with research intensive European university partners to identify promising cyber security intellectual property (IP) from research that our industry partners tell us meet emerging real-world challenges. Our specialist cyber security software engineering team work with our university partners to develop the research concept into a fully fledged commercial product that we will then take to market.

Crossword Cybersecurity is a public limited company registered in England with company number 8927013 and is subject to the Companies Act 2006 and the regulations thereunder. The Company's shares are admitted to trading on NEX under the ticker symbol 'CCS'.


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Corporate Documents

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General Meetings

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AGM Notice 2018 - results of meeting

AGM Notice 2018 - notice of meeting

AGM Notice 2017 - results of meeting

AGM Notice 2017 - notice of meeting

AGM Notice 2016 - results of meeting

AGM Notice 2016 - notice of meeting

Financial Information

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Annual Accounts 2017

Interim Accounts June 2017

Annual Accounts 2016

Interim Accounts June 2016

Annual Accounts 2015

Interim Accounts June 2015

Annual Accounts 2014

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