Most small companies have at least one cyber security breach each year.  Many of these threatened the business itself because of cost, loss of customer trust, loss of valuable data or inability to function.  

This is where Rizikon Standard comes in.

  • Rizikon gathers information by asking you questions about your organisation, your IT and your security policies and combines this with up-to-date data from the Information Security industry about vulnerabilities and threats.
  • It also optionally asks questions about the new data privacy regulation due in May 2018, GDPR, and the UK Government's accreditation for basic Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials.
  • Rizikon then provides you with an understandable report with an Exec Summary aimed at non-IT management, showing an overall rating, where your greatest risks lie and a prioritised list of recommendations and advisory statements on how to improve your defences.  If the GDPR and Cyber Essentials questions have been answered the report contains advice on these areas too.
  • This allows the business to have a systematic plan to effectively manage the greatest threats posed to your business.  All for £500 per year or potentially less via an official Partner.  It also allows you to apply easily online for a Cyber Essentials accreditation if you so wish.  See Rizikon pricing
  • Rizikon is based on research into attacks and breaches carried out by  the Centre for Cyber and Security Sciences City University, London.

Take a quick, free Quick Check now to see what your Rizikon Cyber Risk rating might be.  Free Cyber Security Check

Or take a free GDPR quick check to see if it will apply to you.  Free GDPR Quick Check

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